The Oh! Sullivans grew up arguing and ended up harmonizing. Recording in Nashville as “The Kat Sisters” they put together a 1995 CD entitled “Inspirational Songs For Sucky Times”. In 1996 their recording of the original “Make It Mine” was included on a compilation CD “Women Peacing Worlds Together” published by The Journal of Sacred Feminine Wisdom and saw international distribution. The Oh! Sullivans subsequently released a CD of Irish and original folk songs in 2004, entitled “Everything and The Kitchen Sink". This was followed in 2008 by the release of “Going Home”, a cd of more traditional Irish tunes that were sung in the childhood home of their father.

“The Oh! Sullivans” play and sing an eclectic blend of original folk music and traditional Irish tunes . With their soaring sibling harmonies, sisters Peggy, Teri and Kathy weave melodies around each other along with Kathy’s intricate acoustic guitar stylings. They are often joined by their father, acclaimed tenor saxophonist, Buddy Sullivan, and other members of the clan on drum, guitar and fiddle..

CD Going Home
Going Home

CD Kitchen
Everything And The Kitchen Sink

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The Oh! Sullivans: Going Home

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